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Meet The Team


Mr. Mukundray Shah

Chairman Emeritus

Mr. Raj Berry. Work 20160118_114628.jpg

Mr. Raj Berry

Executive Director


Mr. Himanshu Shah

Chairman & M.D.


Mr. Jaydeep Shah


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With a steady stream of acquisitions, developments and close to three decades worth of experience in the manufacture and production of orthodox and CTC teas, M.K. Shah Exports Ltd. (MKSEL) has grown into the largest manufacturer of orthodox tea in India. As of 2019, our burgeoning portfolio comprises 14 tea estates spread across the banks of Assam (India) and DRC (Africa), putting our total tea production at approximately 19 million kgs per annum. We have a global presence with offices in Mumbai, Kolkata, Dubai and Bukavu, with regular exports of tea to countries such as Germany, US, Canada, UK, Dubai, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Kazakhstan, and The Democratic Republic of Congo, amongst others.

Due to the relatively flat hierarchical structure, our teams remain nimble in terms of operations, even though our company is currently one of India's largest tea producers. In our tea estates, our teams of highly trained agronomists are well supported by a strong base of financial and marketing professionals that are based out of our Kolkata and Mumbai offices.

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